Startide Rising (The Uplift Saga, Book 2)

By David Brin

David Brin's Uplift novels are one of the so much exciting and striking technology fiction ever written.  Sundiver, Startide Rising, and The Uplift War--a New York Times bestseller--together make up the most liked sagas of all time.  Brin's stories are set in a destiny universe within which no species can achieve sentience with no being "uplifted" by way of a client race.  But the best secret of all continues to be unsolved: who uplifted humankind?

The Terran exploration vessel Streaker has crashed within the uncharted water global of Kithrup, bearing some of the most very important discoveries in galactic history.  Below, a handful of her human and dolphin workforce battles armed uprising and a adversarial planet to shield her secret--the destiny of the Progenitors, the fabled First Race who seeded knowledge through the stars.

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Gillian Baskin—A surgeon and agent for the Terragens Council. A manufactured from human genetic engineering. Beie Chohooan (Bay Choe-hoo-wan)—A Synthian secret agent. Brookida (Broo-kee-dah)—A dolphin metallurgist. Brothers of the Night—A Galactic shopper race. Calaña—A human/neo-dolphin colony global. Client—A species that owes its complete intelligence to genetic uplift via its consumer race. And indentured buyer species is one that remains to be operating off this debt. Creideiki (Cry-dye-kee)—Captain of the exploration vessel Streaker. Emerson D’Anite—A human engineer assigned to the Streaker. Charles Dart—A neo-chimpanzee planetologist. Derelict fleet—A drifting selection of massive starships, historical and lengthy undiscovered till chanced on by way of the Streaker. Episiarch—A member of a consumer race indentured to the Tandu. A psychic adept. “Fem”—Anglic time period for a feminine person. “Fin”—Vernacular for a neo-dolphin. (“Fen”—plural. ) Galactic—One of the senior starfaring species which contain the group of the 5 Galaxies. Many became customer races, partaking within the historical culture of uplift. Gubru (Goo-broo)—A pseudo-avian Galactic race adversarial to Earth. Haoke (Ha-oh-kay)—A Tursiops neo-dolphin. Herbie—The mummy of an old starfarer, of unknown beginning. Heurkea (Hee-urk-eeah)—A Stenos neo-dolphin. Hikahi (Hee-kah-hee)—A-female neo-dolphin, 3rd answerable for the Streaker, Ifni—“Infinity” or woman success. Iki—An historical island of demise and destruction. Toshio Iwashika—A midshipman from the colony global Calafia. Kanten—One of some Galactic species brazenly pleasant to Earthmen. Karrank% (Impossible for people to pronounce properly)—A Galactic species so completely converted in the course of its indenture as a consumer race that it used to be pushed insane. Keneenk—A hybrid institution of self-discipline, combining logical, human-style concept with the historical past of the Whale Dream. Keepiru (Kee-peer-ooh)—First pilot of the Streaker. a local of Atlast. Kiqui (Kee-kwee)—Amphibious pre-sentient creatures local to the planet Kithrup. Krat—Commander of the Soro forces. K’tha-jon (K’thah-jon)—A detailed variation Stenos neo-dolphin. one of many Streaker’s petty officials. Library—The details storehouse that holds Galactic society jointly; an archive of cross-referenced wisdom amassed because the age of the Progenitors. Makanee (Ma-kah-nay)—Ship’s health professional aboard the Streaker; a feminine neo-fin. “Man”—Anglic time period bearing on either female and male people. “Mel”—Anglic time period referring particularly to a male human. Ignacio Metz—An professional on uplift, assigned to the Streaker. Moki (Moe-kee)—A Stenos neo-fin. The Niss Machine—A pseudo-intelligent laptop, lent to Thomas Orley via Tymbrimi brokers. Thomas Orley—An agent of the Terragens Council and a made of light genetic engineering. Pila—A Galactic customer race, a part of the Soro extended family and antagonistic to Earth. Primal Delphin—The semi-language utilized by average, unmodified dolphins on the earth. Progenitors—The legendary first species, who proven Galactic tradition and the Library a number of billion years in the past.

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