Star Trek: WildFire Book 1 (Star Trek: Corp of Engineers, Book 23)

By David Mack

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Whenever there's a necessity to mend, fix, or salvage, Starfleet calls within the crack S.C.E. workforce at the U.S.S. da Vinci. lower than the command of Captain David Gold and Commander Sonya Gomez, the S.C.E. solves the unsolvable, from discovering a Starfleet vessel misplaced inside of a holographic send to doping out new know-how captured through the Dominion War.

However, the da Vinci's venture to Galvan VI will end up to be the S.C.E.'s maximum problem up to now, as they have to salvage the U.S.S. Orion from the turbulent surroundings of a gasoline massive. as though that wasn't adequate, the Orion is wearing the prototype of the lethal Wildfire machine -- a protomatter warhead which can ignite fuel giants into stars -- and the planet looks domestic to a wierd alien life-form that can were liable for the Orion 's destruction!
Wildfire includes the total e-book variants of S.C.E. adventures #20-24: Enigma send, warfare tales e-book 1, conflict tales publication 2, Wildfire e-book 1, and Wildfire ebook 2.

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The information used to be being regularly uploaded to Lieutenant ch’Kelavar, the ship’s Andorian moment officer, who was once within the ahead torpedo room with the Wildfire improvement staff. one other lightning flash prompted the most viewer to flare white for a cut up moment. one other thunderclap, magnified by means of the density of the fuel giant’s surroundings, drowned out the sounds of the Orion’s groaning hull plates and shook the send violently. The lighting at the bridge flickered for a second, and several other reveal displays turned scrambled and didn't get well even after the shaking ceased. T’su winced because the acrid smell of burned-out isolinear chips assaulted her nostrils. Commander Dakona Raal, the ship’s enforcing first officer, positioned a reassuring hand on T’su’s shoulder. She silently smiled her because of him, and he nodded nearly imperceptibly in go back and moved his hand away ahead of somebody else at the bridge spotted it have been there. a local of Rigel V, Raal were incorrect for a Vulcan by way of nearly each member of the workforce while he first got here aboard final 12 months. He had replied by way of shaving his head bald, starting to be a goatee, and creating a element of top a Klingon people tune sing-along in the course of the crew’s final shore go away. He additionally had realized to cook dinner a hasperat so highly spiced it will possibly knock the nasal ridges off a Bajoran, and Dr. Cindrich, the ship’s leader scientific officer, had defined Raal’s unrestrained laughter as “infectious. ” Raal was once unorthodox, brash, and infrequently a piece too evidently drawn to T’su for her convenience, yet now and then like this she used to be completely satisfied to have him within reach. This was once her first command, and even though ferrying a contingent of Starfleet Corps of Engineers experts wouldn’t were her first selection of assignments, the prior month had taught her it was once infrequently uninteresting. via all of it, Raal had proved himself to be an exemplary first officer, the single T’su might consistently expect in a drawback. yet this situation was once getting too shut for convenience. “Lieutenant Ryan, stand through to installation the Wildfire machine on my mark. Helm, once it’s away, get us out of right here, very best pace. ” Ryan and Fryar either said and persevered to faucet keys. “We’re prepared, Captain,” Ryan acknowledged. T’su leaned ahead in her seat, approximately to provide the order, while the picture at the major viewer replaced. The low hum of job at the bridge ceased as everybody became towards the viewscreen. A latticework of gleaming shades starting to be round the send like a coral reef; grids of sunshine, in parallel and perpendicular rows, surrounded the Orion like a cage of power. T’su snapped her team again into motion. “Tactical, what's that? Is it Tholian? ” “Negative, Captain. The strength signature doesn’t fit any recognized configuration. ” T’su swiveled towards her technology officer. “Yarrow, inform me anything invaluable. ” Yarrow studied his exhibit. T’su might inform anything used to be flawed; whilst Yarrow used to be alarmed, his mane puffed out and his whiskers twitched. instantaneously, his mane used to be two times its common dimension. “It’s a photonic strength grid, Captain, resource unknown.

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