Erotic Massage - The Tantric Touch Of Love

By Kenneth Ray Stubbs

With multiple hundred erotic drawings and a full-color insert, Erotic therapeutic massage presents easy-to-learn strokes and techniques that permit you and your accomplice to compile the sensual, the erotic, and the intimate.
The unique illustrations and directions might be simply absorbed in a single night in order that sensual recommendations of Erotic therapeutic massage might be loved instantly. thousands of readers are experiencing the sexual rewards of Tantric lovemaking - and Erotic therapeutic massage is without doubt one of the such a lot available and particular works to deliver Tantric tips on how to Western couples.

Written and illustrated with profound sensitivity, Erotic therapeutic massage is a lovemaking guide on its option to turning into a vintage.

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If you want to persist with safer-sex practices, please seek advice the appendix. four 7 . Anointing With Oil A. allow your left hand, with palms just a little unfold, relaxation at the scrotum and beneath aspect of the penis. Then along with your correct hand, pour oil at the again of your left hand in order that the oil seeps via your palms. GENITALS: MALE Anointing With Oil B. Alternating your palms, unfold the oil with a pulling up movement, sliding from the pelvic flooring up over the scrotum and penis. forty seven. B possibly provide a bit less attackable strain at the pelvic ground. make sure there's lots of oil because the following strokes think well-lubricated motions. word: may still your lover ejaculate in this or the other stroke probably visit "Being," #58. Erotic therapeutic massage seventy one GENITALS: MALE forty eight. The Coronal Stroke four eight . The Coronal Stroke Your left hand lightly stretches the foreskin down alongside the shaft of the flaccid or erect penis. Your correct hand issues as though to curve a halved orange on a juicer. targeting the pinnacle of the penis, rotate your right-hand hands from side to side in coordination with an up-and-down sliding movement. differ the volume of strain out of your correct hand. seventy two 4 nine . The Serpent GENITALS: MALE forty nine. The Serpent a: Your left hand lightly stretches the foreskin down alongside the shaft of the flaccid or erect penis. forty nine. a Your correct thumb and index finger shape a comfortable circle slightly below the top of the penis and rotate in a clockwise path so far as your wrist allows. b: carrying on with the move, elevate your correct thumb in order that your index finger can continue touch within the rotation till the thumb can shape a circle with the index finger back. Repeat this circling a number of occasions. forty nine. b Erotic therapeutic massage seventy three GENITALS: MALE 50. the 10 Stroke five zero . the 10 Stroke utilizing lots of oil and alternating your fingers, make ten downward strokes at the flaccid or erect penis, then ten upward strokes. stick to with 9 downward, 9 upward, 8 downward, 8 upward —all how you can one down and one up. recommendation: syncopate the rhythm of your stroking. instead of utilizing a fair beat (1-2-3-4-5-6), wait a second after each one set of 2 strokes (1-2-3-4-5-6). seventy four GENITALS: MALE five 1 . The Scrotum Ring fifty one. The Scrotum Ring Your correct thumb with your index and maybe center hands encircle the scrotum among the bottom of the penis and the testicles. (Be cautious to not squeeze the testicles. ) now circulation the scrotum up and down as your left hand strokes up and down at the flaccid or erect penile shaft. range the quantity of strain of your correct hand opposed to the bottom of the penis. To proceed the Male Genital strokes, visit "Inner Connections," #57, that's for either women and men. Erotic therapeutic massage seventy five GENITALS: lady GENITALS: girl Lover's place: mendacity on again. Your place: on your lover's correct part. word: verify your fingernails are soft and brief and your fingers are fresh whilst massaging membranous tissues components, observe: if you want to persist with safer-sex practices, please seek advice the appendix.

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