A History of Greek Art

By Mark D. Stansbury-O'Donnell

Supplying a different mixture of thematic and chronological research, this hugely illustrated, enticing textual content explores the wealthy historic, cultural, and social contexts of 3,000 years of Greek artwork, from the Bronze Age throughout the Hellenistic interval.

• Uniquely intersperses chapters dedicated to significant sessions of Greek paintings from the Bronze Age during the Hellenistic interval, with chapters containing discussions of vital contextual issues throughout the entire periods
• Contextual chapters illustrate how various elements, reminiscent of the city surroundings, gender, markets, and cross-cultural touch, inspired the improvement of art
• Chronological chapters survey the looks and improvement of key creative genres and discover how artifacts and structure of the time mirror those styles
• deals a number of attractive and informative pedagogical gains to aid scholars navigate the topic, resembling timelines, theme-based textboxes, key words outlined in margins, and extra readings.
• info is gifted basically and contextualized in order that it truly is available to scholars despite their previous point of knowledge
• A booklet significant other web site is offered at www.wiley.gom/go/greekart with the next assets: PowerPoint slides, word list, and timeline

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430–348 BCE. five. 5 Reconstructed view of Priene, later 4th–3rd cent. BCE. five. 6 View of the Agora in Athens today. Left: Temple of Hephaistos; right: reconstructed Stoa of Attalos. five. 7 Reconstructed plan of Agora of Athens, c. 400 BCE. five. 8 Reconstructed plan of Agora of Athens, c. 150 CE. five. 9 Tyrannicides (Aristogeiton, left; Harmodios, right) of Kritios and Nesiotes, Roman marble copy of Greek bronze original of 477/6 BCE. 6 ft 4¾ in (1. 95 m). Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale. five. 10 Relief commemorating victory of Leontis tribe, early 4th. cent. BCE. 18⅞ in (48  cm). Athens, Agora Museum S 7167. five. 11 Attic black-figure Panathenaic amphora attributed to Kleophrades Painter, c. 490 BCE. 25 in (65. 2 cm). Side A: Athena; side B: racing chariot. New Haven, Yale University Art Gallery, Gift of Frederic W. Stevens, B. A. 1858, 1909. thirteen. five. 12 Plan of House A vii 4 at Olynthos, with location of excavated object types. five. 13 Reconstruction drawing of House A vii 4 at Olynthos. five. 14 Plan of houses, Block 1, Silen’s Quarter, Thasos (Phase 4). five. 15 Reconstruction drawing of houses, Block 1, Silen’s Quarter, Thasos. five. 16 Household pottery found in the Agora at Athens, 6th–4th cent. BCE. Athens, Agora Museum. five. 17 Household finds from Priene, 2nd–1st cent. BCE. Berlin, Antikensammlung AV1167. five. 18 Textile from Tomb II at Vergina, c. 336–311 BCE. Aigai, Museum of the Royal Tombs. five. 19 Attic red-figure skyphos attributed to the Penelope Painter, c. 450–440 BCE. 8 in (20. 5 cm). Penelope and Telemachos at the loom. Chiusi, Museo Archeologico 1831. five. 20 Reconstruction of dining room with symposiasts in the South Stoa of the Agora at Athens. Drawing by Piet de Jong. five. 21 Early Corinthian column krater, c. 600–590 BCE. Banquet of Eurytios. 181/8 in (46 cm). Paris, Musée du Louvre E635. five. 22 Diagram of vase types. five. 23 Middle Corinthian skyphos, c. 585–570 BCE. Paris, Musée du Louvre CA3004. 4½ in (11. 5 cm). Left: Herakles and Hydra: center/right: komasts. five. 24 Kouros from Anavyssos, perhaps from tomb of Kroisos, c. 530 BCE. 6 ft 4⅜ in (1. 94 m). Athens, National Archaeological Museum 3851. five. 25 Late Geometric Tomb XI with part of Tomb XXII, Agora, Athens, end 8th cent. or beginning 7th cent. BCE. Drawing by Piet de Jong. five. 26 Attic white-ground lekythoi with funerary scenes. London, British Museum. Left: attributed to the Sabouroff Painter, c. 450–440 BCE. 13 in (33. 02 cm). Prothesis and mourning. D62. Center: attributed to the Reed Painter, c. 420–410 BCE. 11½ in (29. 2  cm). Charon. D61. Right: attributed to the Reed Painter, c. 420 BCE. 12½ in (31. 7 cm). Woman and youth at tomb. D73. five. 27 Stelai of Koroibos–Kleidemides family in the Kerameikos, Athens, reconstruction of 4th cent. BCE tomb plot. five. 28 Stele of Hegeso, c. 400 BCE. 5 ft 2 in (1. 58 m). Athens, National Archaeological Museum 3624. Chapter 06 6. 1 Ivory group of hero with lion, c. 700–650 BCE. 9½ in (24 cm). Delphi, Archaeological Museum 9912. 6. 2 Neo-Assyrian relief from the palace at Khorsabad, c. 720 BCE. 14 ft 7 in (4. 45 m). Paris, Musée du Louvre. 6. 3 Kore of Nikandre from Delos, c. 650–625 BCE.

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